What if Nothing Happens When We Die?

Crushing the fear of dying

Leonardo Del Toro
4 min readJun 26, 2022


The idea of an afterlife is so rooted in all of us, but what if there is nothing after death? Like you went to sleep but didn't have any dreams and never woke up. The concept of nothingness is challenging to grasp because we are made to be something and to exist. We know to exist, but we don't know how to not exist.

When it comes to the afterlife, there are two distinct ways of thinking. One is that there is nothing after death, and the other is a whole bunch of complicated and mysterious things that we should prepare for.

But part of our fear of dying is that we think we are going somewhere and we still have to make choices when we're there. And if we don't make good ones we'll reincarnate as a cockroach or something. So we think we're going to be alive when we're dead like you will wake up during surgery. But the idea of an afterlife persists because it gives us some comfort. But it comes at a price.

The desire to live after life is tenacious. Because everything about ourselves intends to survive, it is simply part of our DNA to persist. And every cell in our body is programmed to resist death. But death is the great reset button no one escapes.

And no one knows what will happen. Anyone that says they do is lying. But since there are no real answers, my hypothesis is just as good as anyone else. I choose to go with mine because it brings me more comfort. For now, because when I die I might be scared shitless.

I think a lot about death my own death. Because the last twenty years of life went blazing fast, adding another twenty, I could be gone even before I see those years. Where will I be? Recently, I've embraced the idea we go simply nowhere. But there is a refreshing and encouraging feeling in thinking that way.

And some say that you better prepare for an afterlife so you're not surprised if there is one. But how you're going to prepare for something you have no idea how to prepare for?! So I'm sticking to nothingness because it makes me feel better while I'm still in the world. And it is much easier.

The concept of nothingness after death releases anxiety about dying. Because as dead we’ll not have to decide, fear, or worry about…



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