This is What you Get All Wrong About Medium

Relax, don’t take yourself so seriously

Leonardo Del Toro
4 min readSep 30, 2022


We all know traffic sucks these days. And you used to have way more views, reads, comments, and even money. We know something happened; something has changed, and it wasn’t you. Maybe all your readers went away at once. But I think that's unlikely. And by the way, I wrote this piece because I hate to see you disappointed. Let’s have some fun.

Medium turned out not to be what you wanted. I also thought Medium was like having a blog online that you don’t have to take care of and filled with captive readers who will always read your posts — that is only half the story.

You see, it is all about your expectations. It’s not that the party was that great; you just didn’t expect much. First, lower your expectations but continue to do your best. We expect too much from things, especially online things. We tend to believe that every picture of a beautiful person you see online will fall in love with us. There is no life online, only our willingness to be a sucker.

Some people believe they’re famous and important writers and their ideas are terrific. But it turned out no one read your posts. Now you’re disappointed and angry. But if you just accept Medium for what it is, you’ll not be offended and might even have some fun with it. Not sure about money anymore. But what is the actual constitution of Medium?

Medium is social media, just like any other social media. A big chunk of it is just that, like Twitter on steroids. Even though many illustrious veteran Medium writers will disagree with me, just look at the structure of Medium. Do you see anything other than Social media? Membership, thumbnail avatar, write things with pictures and upload comments, internet rules. It is identical to FB, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform. There are different rules and flavors, but the core is the same. Treat it as such, and you’ll not be disappointed.

And as you would expect in any social media, you’ll find lots of crap and listicles, scammers, and poor content.

Another chunk of Medium is serious writing. This is a smaller chuck, however. There are some excellent writers here and many intelligent people trying their best. Most of it goes noticed, but…