Thanks for Saving my Ass Putin, I’ll Deliver as Promised…

Ukraine would be impossible without your help Donald…

Leonardo Del Toro
3 min readMar 9, 2022


“With Trump, all roads lead to Putin (Nancy Pelosi)

I will annoy you with one more Trump story because the plot has just thickened. Judge for yourself. The difficult task of conquering Ukraine exposes Putin’s friendship and the grooming of the Donald. Keeping the United States at bay was essential for victory, and Putin knew that.

Before the war, we were in the alleged territory regarding Trump’s involvement with Putin. Now, the giant missing piece of the puzzle has been exposed. And the picture it has revealed is beyond horrendous.

First off let me say, I’m not a political pundit, neither I claim to know the truth, and yes, I’m utilizing the “quack like a duck, looks like a duck” production values, that by the way is correct 99% of the time. You can see it for yourself

Trump wasn’t Trump, after all. Trump was a Russian invention. If you had the sense he didn’t have a plan for the U.S., it’s because he didn’t. Trump was a Soviet holographic image designed, funded, and installed to accomplish one thing only: to keep the United States out of the way of the biggest event of the millennium. The unification of the Soviet empire. To rescue Ukraine back to the bosom of mother Russia and then some

Putin always knew he could not take Ukraine while the United States watched, but he did it anyway. Wanting or not, the U.S. leads the western block. And whatever the U.S. does, its allies will follow, creating big troubles for Putin, as we can see now as the war turns into a fiasco. Why couldn’t we see it before the war?

Because we didn’t anticipate the depth of Putin’s aggression. The situation takes another shape entirely. The world is stunned by the magnitude and audacity of Putin’s aggression. No one could expect after a worldwide pandemic and a warming planet; some autocrat would engage in a manufactured quagmire, killing thousands and displacing millions, committing war crimes, and destabilizing the world once again. Simply the most significant war since WW II in Europe. Are we happy now? Putin is an isolated, egotistic monster

But this war started in the United States in 2016. A Russian invasion took place within our virtual soil without much notice. Yes, we knew it, but no one cared. A foreign foe…



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