Which is better, my Nikon or my Samsung?

Do you ever take your big camera on vacations?

Leonardo Del Toro
3 min readOct 7, 2021


Beaune France taken with Nikon D5200

That’s it, this time I’m going to France, no more staying home and doing nothing. We’re taking our chances. Covid results in hand, masks in hand and camera in hand. Yes, but should I take my red Nikon D5200 or just take my Samsung phone?

This will be my 4th trip to Europe. My son lives in France lucky him and it has been too long we must go and visit. The first trip I took my tourist ID badge camera and snapped photos everywhere like a good tourist who is dying to be identified as such.

It’s quite of a cluck for someone who knows traveling light is an evolved art. Than there’s the lenses and a collection of other gadgets that go with it. Vs my Samsung phone.

Our phones are basically part of our body, so taking my phone is like taking nothing. And yes the pictures are not that bad, but they are not as good as my Nikon. But the final question is: what do we do with all these great pictures? Do we ever look at them? What is the objective of storing pixels for the sake of nothing?

The phone makes more sense if you want to enjoy the moment and not have this job of dragging your camera around and preoccupy yourself with making great pictures.

Are we more present when we work on a photo session? Or we appreciate our trip more if we are there, present, relaxing and not thinking about capture that moment to store a file of zeros and ones that we might look one or two times for the rest of your lives.

But we want to capture the moment so that it will live forever. Does it really matter? Should we use the phone as a kind of just a documentary of the trip without any ambition of being a photographic competition? I’m confused.

I love good pictures but I don’t think it makes any difference when I look at the pictures of the trip if taken with my phone or with the Nikon. If I want stunning photos of Europe, there are just about millions of them on the net. So, why do I need them. What would you do? Phone or Nikon?



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