Oh my God, I had a Horrible Nightmare Last Night

The worst part was how real it felt

Leonardo Del Toro
4 min readJun 14, 2023

After watching too many Trump hours of an epic trial, I was tired and fell asleep in front of my big flat screen. But I was unsure when exactly I drifted away, and reality faded to black.

I could no longer distinguish between truth and lies, and at the same time, I was being devoured by a gutless pig as I read on the screen: Trump has been found innocent on all counts.

This moment of hard cold truths lasted an eternity, and life was now in animated suspension for an unforeseeable future. Trump has been found innocent by a jury of his peers and now walks free. Trump successfully converted his lies into reality, causing a paradigm shift in this universe.

Mothers were willing to give up their sons to harm’s way before they would oppose the great leader. Trump became the king of America. And if you didn’t worship him, you were against the king and should be annihilated or exiled. The United States no longer cared for its alliances and the world. It was a horrific time to be alive.

Trump’s numbers were terrific. He quickly achieved the Republican nomination and became the United States president again, again. On the day of his coronation, a permanent dark cloud covered the skies, and a small crowd was seen. A thin rain, like a wail, fell during his speech. His voice was a projectile vomit of vindictiveness and bitter plans to be carried out with emotionless anger. Anywhere he walked, flowers died, and still, everyone thought that was great.

Day one: pardons to all Jan 6th participants. Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were instantly converted to secretaries of state and foreign relations officials. Day two: the creation of death squads in America to wreak havoc on peaceful protests and extermination of enemies of the state. Day three: gut all EPA regulations sending global warming on a crash-and-burn tailspin. You are with the king or an enemy of the king.

Muslims are detained and arrested or forced to hard labor building the wall that is now paid for with public school funds, medicare, and social security.

The people were scared, and large swats of the population became quiet or apathetic and turned away from politics fearing for their lives and families. Proud Boys infiltrates most blue states with federal incentives, silencing anti-regime attempts. Freedom of the press is initially restricted, then wholly silenced, and its reporters mysteriously disappear.

Protesters are shot at point blank in demonstrations and soon vanish. Trump quickly replaces every layer of government with loyalists or Trombies (Trump zombies) who will perform his dirty deeds. The White House becomes a free hotel to all great dictators and rats seen perusing with our homegrown dictator as the media shows everyone is happy in America while the nation perishes in chaos and poverty.

Blue states are constantly under attack and subject to harsh federal restrictions. California, Oregon, and Washington battled to secede from the Union. State troops are sent to intimidate citizens. Most blue states stop paying taxes to the federal government, and a period of chaos begins. Social services collapse for lack of funds and increasingly conservative policies.

Worldwide boycott of American business and products begins as Trump aligns himself with Putin and others. Trump hands out Ukrain to Russia after massive shipments of high-tech weapons, money, and intelligence. Putin emboldened advances toward NATO countries first and then to the rest of Europe with the help of the United States. The world will never be the same.

Why are all these evil things happening to us? I’ve asked myself. What kind of spirit possessed the people? Because they were the ones who voted for this monstrosity. Are people so afraid of evildoers they choose to remain silent in the face of human carnage? “The Hottest Places in Hell Are Reserved for Those Who in a Period of Moral Crisis Maintain Their Neutrality”

I woke up, but it seemed it was not a dream but a vision because I could smell the shit and the stress and see the colors. As I go about my day, I see other people and say: “you have to trust me; the dream was so real, and I felt I was so near it.” My friend replies: “Dude, you got to relax and let it go. This kind of stuff will never happen in the United States.

I still maintain that when people tell you not to worry is when you should be most worried.

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