My Wife Told me to Move Out

Nothing could have prepared me for that

Leonardo Del Toro
4 min readFeb 27


We’ve been married for years; I will not disclose it here because people start thinking things. She married me because I was funny, but lately, she doesn’t like my jokes.

And I notice that something has changed between us. We are growing apart. What used to be so easy is now a pain in the neck. The spontaneity is gone; everything is just work.

This usually happens with aging couples. They change as they become attracted to different things; it goes both ways with partners. Life moves on; there is sadness in that. I try to please her.

She wanted me to buy her a new dish rack. Our old one was as old as our relationship. Our poor old dishrack was always there in the background doing its little thing. Unnoticed. But one day, she began to resent it. She found all kinds of problems with it. I thought it was still a good dish rack. She disagreed.

This was a good opportunity to show my love. To do things together again. So, we went shopping online for a new dishrack. We’re both surprised by the infinity of new dishracks out there. Multiple pages were offering them. I was surprised to see how we got into discussing the pros and cons of the multiple dish racks we encountered.

Why were there so many? Times have changed, and there is competition. There was one being sold for $1500, and we thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t. I saw another that looked promising, but she didn’t see its qualities. But I took my time and detailed the possibilities to her—something I would later deeply regret.

Overwhelmed with the possibilities, she said, “great, I don’t care, they are all the same; what can be so special about a dishrack? I don’t love it but buy it anyways. Let’s get over with this.”

I put it all together when it arrived and replaced our old dish rack. The old one looked sad and lonely on the floor, just like a sad Christmas tree dumped in the street after being used for our few moments of joy.

Our new rack was not an instant hit with my wife, but she began to warm up to it. Soon she broke to me that she really liked it. I noticed more than one time she made positive comments about it. Soon it became obvious that something…



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