Lost your glasses? You’ll never see them Again in this Lifetime

But you’ll get them back when you die

Leonardo Del Toro
4 min readAug 28, 2021


Eyeglasses are objects that will inevitably vanish one day. Like your socks, they’ll mysteriously disappear without a trace. Friends will come to your aid, offering hope to no avail. All searches are futile — they’re gone forever. A leprechaun is perhaps to blame, but no one sees him as your property gets snatched out of this world.

These events point out the mysteries of our universe. There are small cracks in the time-space continuum sucking your glasses, socks, and pens which fall into a parallel universe never to be seen again. We’ll get them back when we finally go through the same fabric of time when we die.

There, an evil leprechaun will hand back your lost possessions with a smirk. At that moment, we realize the futility of everything and become instantly enlightened. Meanwhile, back on heart, we’ll suffer irritation as our eyeglasses have vanished during a Christmas party. I left my brand new $300 frame at the table, and when I came back, it was gone.

I decided to come up with some strategies I learn from keeping my pens at work from disappearing. Pens are part of an entire network of evil pen spirits deserving a whole new article. Let’s go back to the glasses. and will use the same strategies to defeat the trickster leprechaun once and for all.

#1. Accept, they will disappear

First, you need to understand and accept eyeglasses will eventually disappear. Without coming to grips with this reality, you’ll continue losing them over and over again. Give up the idea you’re under control. You’ll lose them eventually, no matter what. But once you accept the reality, you’ll be inspired to be hyper-vigilant. If you get this #1 concept down, you’re halfway there.

#2. Never leave them at the table, use cases

Living with your eyeglasses alone is the first fatal mistake. The portal of time and space opens up when you’re not looking. So leaving your glasses at the…



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