It is Time to put Covid Behind and Start Living your Life Again

Keep Calm and Carry On

Leonardo Del Toro
4 min readJan 14, 2022


First off let me just say, this article is not intended to troll or play down the seriousness of this pandemic. Nor do I have any disregard for the gravity of those who have been affected. Please read in its entirety and only then judge me

My concern is how we are harming ourselves in the process of trying to save ourselves. Yes, we can mount some resistance against covid to minimize the risk. But only for some time before fatigue sets in. We're way past fatigue when it comes to Covid

By declaring the end, are we becoming stupid denialists? Not exactly. These are just signs & symptoms of ancient human behavior. Our collective mind is the bottom line. This behavior surfaces in wars, famines, and pandemics because these crises cannot last or they get worse. We first have an acute paralyzing reaction, only to realize — our resistance is futile. Let me try to explain

We do have a collective intelligence that is built into our DNA and acquired by thousand and thousands of years of experience. Our DNA is all about accumulating knowledge and behavior patterns. At a certain point, we instinctively agree on where we should go. After that, we usually go back to the baseline.

Like an ocean, we can be agitated and taken by a storm, but eventually, as a physical phenomenon we must go back to a stable and quiet baseline, there is no other outcome

If you never heard of Stephen Gaskin, you should. I remember his story of when he and a few others were arrested and jailed for illegally growing marijuana. They were so scared they couldn't sleep for three days when in prison. But then something curious happened, he noted. As he realized nothing could be done, their perception of fear changed into acceptance. And they slept. Because the survival mechanism kicked in

We need to be afraid, and fear is a warning and initially it serves a purpose, but chornic fear is no longer productive and becomes another problem

Covid is dangerous, and everyone should be vaccinated and get the booster. Meanwhile, there are other hazards we’re exposed on a daily basis we’re not even aware of. But when an entire society is paralyzed by fear it…



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