Here's why America will not Become a Fascist State

Nothing is going to change, not that much, sorry to disappoint you

Leonardo Del Toro
2 min readNov 25, 2021


"B" here is for BS

Here is some good news! I insist on giving you good news even though no one wants to hear them and they don't sell. The more disappointing and horrific news is, the more people read them, and ratings go up. They steer our emotions, which are — delicious. But here's is good news!

Cheer up; there are many good things and good people out there. And we are not going Fascist. The complexities of changing a country one way or another are more encompassing and difficult than the guy on youtube says it is. Let me throw one thing at you. There are 62 million Americans that do not want Fascism. But they don't like change, and they are the wealthiest ones.

Nothing is going to change because in a way we’re already there. The US is what it is. This economic model will not change like it or not

We are already in a state of corporative Fascism. Nothing will change because there is no need for a change. There is no reason to fear being in the mud when you are already stuck in the mud. But there is another reason nothing will change: money, or who has the money. And they don't want change. And more, blue states will not pay for a change they didn't order.

According to Wealth-X, blue states have three-quarters of the nation's ultra-high net worth residents. Granted, it's no surprise that California and New York have the bulk of wealthy residents. Yet even without those two, the blue states still lead with about 26,000 individuals, versus some 15,000 in the red states. (1)

“The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.” — Tom Wolfe

Rich people don't want Fascism. Why would they want that? They already have everything they want. Why change things? And since Fascism makes most of the population poor, why would they want to lose their loyal servants and customers. Just leave everything as it is, OK? And if MAGA fuckers start to make too much noise, they'll stop paying for the shit show. Corporations are the government in this country. Hey, I didn't want it that way. But that is just how it is


  1. When It Comes to Multi-millionaires, Blue States Dominate

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