Do what you Love, and Success Will Come is Not What You Think

If life could only be that simple

Leonardo Del Toro
5 min readFeb 14, 2022


Professional success is a deceptive pursuit. And as a young person, confusion got the best of me. And some young people can’t find their way because they simply lack vision, experience. Finding meaning in your working life is like finding gold on the road. Not easy

Finding a meaningful profession is the real challenge. Young people fall in love with a craft. But lack a real-world implementation vision. Most importantly, fail to find their place in the professional community. They need a long term plan but the problem is, they can’t think long term

It’s all about being yourself in the end. Young people put all their energy into trying to be someone they’re not. As if, pretending to fit in, would fit in. And that’s where problems begin. It’s not just about being yourself but bringing your own version of your art and your own identity to the table. I learned it the hard way. And here’s my little story

It all started with learning how to make jewelry in my early twenties. I was good at it but didn’t have any plans. I was not the kind of person who used jewelry or bought fashion. I made jewelry because I enjoyed doing it but didn't think it was a necessary item. I underrated myself

Doing what you love has many facets; some you like, some you don’t. That’s why you have to love what you do. You have to pay for your art and not expect it to pay your way. Learning how to love your craft takes a lot of getting out of your comfort zone; it takes more than guts

I thought jewelry people were bougie and a bunch of vain fashion idiots. And this way of thinking made me throw the bathwater with the baby in it. In order to love your craft and make it work, you have to find a way to be intimate with it no matter what. Money will come, it usually does if you’re genuine.

In addition, I wanted to do something to help others because I have a heart. And on that note, I thought jewelry was frivolous. Something that existed only to enhance people’s egos. I found out that wasn’t true

It took me a long time to find my footpath. Today I recognize that I was confused. I can now see that jewelry is not vain; people…