Agrimony Manages Diabetes by Repairing Liver Function and Protecting Nerves

Learn the long-term benefits of agrimony for diabetes

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This plant was originally known as Agrimonia now commonly known as agrimony. A perennial herbaceous flowering plant belonging to the Rosaceae family. Agrimony is native of temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and abundant throughout Europe.

Agrimony is perhaps one of the most famous panacea of medieval Europe and even earlier times. People continues to claim that it will cure just about anything.

Some claims are probably true otherwise agrimony’s fame would not have endured for so long. But as with any herbal treatment it requires a certain wisdom to wield results. Right dosage, purity, length of treatment all plays a role.

Ancient Greeks treated eye conditions with a brew made from agrimony to treat gallbladder, diarrhea, liver, and kidney problems. Austrian traditional medicine used agrimony internally as a tea to treat conditions related to liver, bile, gastrointestinal, and respiratory tract disorders. Anglo-Saxons used it to treat wounds, preparing a solution made from the leaves and seeds. In the middle ages there was a preparation called eau d’arquebusade, or “musket-shot water” made from it. Agrimony is also part of the Bach flower remedies.

Latin name: Agrimonia eupatoria. Other names: Common Agrimony, Church Steeples, Cockeburr, Sticklewort, Philanthropos, hemp agrimony, common Dutch agrimony, water agrimony, bastard hemp, Ackerkraut, Agrimonia, funffing, funffingerkraut, herbe d’aigremoine, herbe de saint-guillaume, liverwort, longyacao, odermenning, potentilla, roadside rosaceae, sticklewort, woodland groovebur.

Agrimony for diabetes

Before the introduction of insulin in 1922, diabetes treatment was bases on dietary measures and it relied heavily on the use of traditional plant therapies. Agrimony in the past has been among the most popular herbs used for diabetes management.

I’ll not get into detail on the 1001 uses of agrimony. I made a list of some interesting sites and you can check it there. Most sources however don’t mention agrimony for diabetes. So, let get right into it.



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